Loving Birthday Wishes, Sarah!

Yes, many years have past, but there is just something special about holding your firstborn in your arms. It doesn't mean that they mean anymore than your other children. It just that there is a wonder (and a little fear) about becoming a parent for the first time.

But, as time goes on, you just fall into to the role as mom and before you know it you are celebrating with birthday parties. Fifth birthday parties to be exact! Our parties were always lovingly filled with family. 

Aunt Carolyn said she always looked forward to these birthday parties as it brought our family together when we might not see each other for quite awhile. It is those times, I hold most dear.

As I look back on these pictures it makes me so proud of all you’ve become. From daughter to wife to mom to marathon runner. Wow! 

Happy Birthday Sarah Jane. You are loved so much. May God continue to bless your path.