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In years past, as I plan what flowers I will use in my garden areas and pots, I usually choose portulaca (see pictures below from last summer) because they take very little water and thrive in hot weather. Our summers here usually top 100 degrees and with our drought we don't see much rain. 

But, this year, I chose to plant petunias instead and I am so glad I did. They have been thriving on my front deck in pots.

Yes, I have to water them every other day but they do get quite a bit of shade from our very old and large walnut tree. It is like a large umbrella shading the deck during morning and early afternoon.. 

I chose red to fill some of my pots.

Also, different shades of purple petunias grow in the other pots. 

Petunias are very low maintenance. But, if you want them to keep blooming you must remove or deadhead the old blossoms. 

I do love their showy color! I really enjoy container gardening although you do have to water these plants more. It's an easy way to dress up or add color to a deck, patio or front porch. Do you have an area you enjoy using container gardening? 

Happy Monday, friends! Hope your week is a good one.


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