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Nora Caitlyn's Blanket

When I found out this winter that two new granddaughters joining our family in May, I got busy looking at yarns and patterns. I couldn't wait to get started. This is the second blanket I made and it is for baby Nora.

This blanket was more of a challenge as the pattern was a little more complicated. It has the look of a granny square stitch but it is done in a straight line. Hence, the name "Granny Stripe".

I watched a few videos and made some practice runs before I really got the hang of it. But, once I did, I was off to the races! 

Again, as with the other blanket I made for Madelyn, I used Lion Brand Tweed Stripes. I love tweed and I do like the look the yarn gives to a blanket. The color of the yarn is "Luau".

I made another baby wash cloth with some of the cotton yarn I have in my stash and made up another little package. Under the wash cloth is a cute hand towel that says, "Somebunny Loves You" with a bunny face on front. It was really made for Easter but I thought it made a cute addition to my baby girl package. 

Next on my list will be a couple of quick projects for these little bundle of joys due in May.


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