Baby Poncho


It took awhile, as I have so many other things to tend to during the day, but I finished the baby poncho I was knitting. It was sent on its way earlier this week with the matching hat that I finished earlier.  

It did not call for buttons but I found some really cute ones at Walmart that I just had to use! It also did not call for an edging but I thought it would look nice. So, I crocheted an edging around the perimeter of the poncho.  

 Overall, I was happy with it being the first time I made a poncho, but when I make another one, there are a few things I would do differently. I would definitely make it wider! To me I would like it to drape down the arms more. So, I believe I will be making a size larger the next time I decide to make one. 

Happy Stitching! 


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