Weekend Wanderings

I am starting a "weekend wanderings" part to my blog. Each weekend that I get out and meander around our property, I will take my camera along with me and share the sites I see with you. If you would like to join me, please share your "weekend wanderings" and post them on your blog!

As I journeyed out on my "weekend wanderings", I noticed that everywhere I looked I saw signs of spring. What a wonderful feeling! I love the light green color that the trees begin to show as their leaves burst forth to begin another season of life. Everything looks new and fresh! Colors abound! My daughter who is 14, likes to stroll with me sometimes. The apricot blossom pictures were take by her. As I share my weekend stroll with you, I hope you'll capture the feeling that I had as I noticed these first signs of spring. 

"The Amen of nature is always a flower." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


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