Twenty-six years ago!

Last night and today I have been reflecting and remembering my life twenty-six years ago. You see, on March 4, 1983, I was
feeling the pangs of labor and anxiously awaiting the birth of my first born. I was scared, excited and wondering all at the same time!!! Am I going to have a boy or girl? Will I get through labor okay? What should I expect? Will he/she be healthy? What will he/she look like? All these questions were continually recycling through my mind. And, finally, at 2:42 a.m. on Saturday March 5, we were blessed with a daughter. Her name? Sarah Jane. I had picked that name out as a teenager when I used to write stories. I loved the name and always used it when I wrote. I then decided that when I got married and had a girl, I would name her that. I could not of asked for a better daughter...she still blesses our lives to this day. Happy Birthday Sarah!


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