Projects Around The House!

It has been a busy last few weeks. The house has been in some sort of disarray for awhile and will continue to be until all the work is done.

First, some of the ceilings in our house needed redoing. There were cracks here and there. So, down came some of the Sheetrock and what a dusty mess that was! It is done now and looks really nice.

Now, a new patio and small deck is being put on the back of the house. It will look really nice when it is finished.

Next, the interior of the house will be painted and that involves moving a lot of furniture! It will look nice when it is done but I am not looking forward to the work involved! I'll be glad when it is finished.

This is just a continuation of work that was started last summer. Then, we had a sidewalk put in, in front of the house, new fencing was put around the perimeter of the yard and we had a well house built to house the well pump.

I will be adding photos to the slideshow as projects get further along.

Busy days!


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