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Mowing The Lawn!

Today was a beautiful day! The sun was shining (even if only for a day) and it was fairly mild. It was a nice break from all the rain we have been having. So, it was just too hard for me to stay inside!

Out here we have a certain field grass that grows profusely in the late winter/early spring. By summer it dies off. Well, right now it is growing and fast! So, I decided it was time to mow. I hopped on to the riding mower and mowed for two hours. I actually enjoy it. I love being outside in the fresh air. It gives me time to just think and I even talk to God while I am maneuvering around the bushes and other obstacles.

I also noticed that our ice plants are budded and one was even blooming. Yes, it was a beautiful day! Thank you Lord!


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Petunias and Hot Summer Weather

It's been two years since I have updated my blog. I had gotten busy with my Etsy shop which took a lot of my time. Just lately, I started missing writing on my blog. So, here I am with my first post in two years! 
 I was looking back at my early summer pictures and was surprised at how much my petunias have grown. the above picture was taken in early June. 

Here it is late August and they have grown so much. They've needed a lot of water and tender loving care during our very hot summer weather (over 100 degrees most days). 

A few times, I thought they might not make it. Glad they did, as I love looking out my window at their beauty.

Hello September!

Hard to believe that we are leaving summer behind already. But, welcome September! Inching ever closer to my favorite season of the year.

September days are here With summer's best of weather And, autumn's best of cheer
Helen Hunt Jackson