Merry Christmas!

Even though Christmas this year was filled with coughing and was special none the less. Christmas Eve we baked sugar cookies and watched "A Christmas Carol" (a tradition). We went to bed around eleven and looked forward to the next morning. This was the first Christmas in the past two years that I have been here at home for Christmas. I have been in Connecticut with my family the last two years. So, it was a little different and I did find myself missing my loved ones across the country. Nevertheless it was a very nice day! We opened our gifts while Christmas music played in the background. Joye and I took pictures and videos which was a lot of fun. After finishing lunch, the phone rang and I received a nice surprise! My daughter Liz called and after talking to her, I talked to my daughter Danielle, son Tim and their friend Ricky. They were all at my parent's house. After they left, I called my mom and dad and talked to them for a couple of hours. Then, I cooked a very delicious ham dinner, which we all enjoyed. Later on, after dessert, we all gathered around the TV and watched "It's a Wonderful Life" (another tradition). By late evening, I was very tired, climbed in to bed and thanked the Lord for a wonderful Christmas and then went to sleep right away. This is how the holidays are meant to be! As they come to a close I'm grateful to know the hope and joy of the season is meant to last, just like the life Christ came to give us. Hope your Christmas was merry and your new year is happy, too!

Note added: December 26...I received another special Christmas gift today. A beautiful Christmas card from my daughter, her hubby and baby daughter. The verse was so touching, it meant the world to me. Inside the card was a very nice Christmas picture of their family. I would have to say that this was my favorite gift this Christmas. Thank you Sarah and family!


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