Christmas Past

I was reminiscing the other day as I was looking through some old photos. I was remembering some of my favorite times growing up and as I grew older of Christmas. I decided I would make a list and list them here.

1. Singing with my mom, aunt, cousin and others in Ecumenical Choir at Christmas. We would travel around to different places and sing for shut-ins.

2. Christmas Eve services at my mom and dad's church. We would sing "Silent Night" as we held lit white candles. My Uncle Willie would dress up as Santa Claus and hand out presents to all the kids there. Then we would go Christmas caroling around the neighborhood.

3. Christmas Eve at my Aunt Jean and Uncle Willie' and friends enjoying fellowship after church with plenty of food to eat! My Uncle Willie always made his speciality stuffed mushrooms.

4. My Aunt Carolyn's house with red bulb candles lit in every window.

5. As I grew older and got married...our Christmas parties always featured a house full of friends and family. I looked forward to that party every year. I made my meatballs, my husband made his clam chowder and Uncle Willie brought M&Ms for all the kids. We had a nice buffet set up. We also had live music with guitars and we all sang Christmas carols.

6. Christmas was always celebrated at my Mom and Dad's house. My grandmother (Nonnie) would be there too. When I was younger The present that stands out the most in my mind was a cowgirl outfit from my Aunt Cookie and Uncle Bob. My Aunt Cookie also made the BEST Christmas cookies!!! I looked forward to them every year.
7. Going to the Nutcracker Ballet at Connecticut College with my mom, aunts and cousins.

These are just some of the memories that stick out in my mind. Christmas for me was always filled with family and friends...the best kind!


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