Sunshine and Breezes

A lot of people wouldn't agree with me but one of things I really enjoy doing is hanging out clothes on the clothesline. I have memories of my mom doing just that, so it is something I grew up with. I love the fresh air smell on the clothes that you just can't get from a dryer! Have you ever hung your sheets out on a breezy day and then put them on your bed again??? Mmmm...sleeping with a fresh air fragrance. To me, nothing like it! There is just something so refreshing about it.

As I take the load from the washer, place it in my basket and head out the door with my clothespins I breathe in the mix of fresh air and the scent of clean clothes. I once read about sheets, "those dried on the clothesline outside have a feel and smell that cannot be bottled!" It is so true. So, yes I love that part of my life...especially on a breezy day.

These pictures were taken about 20 years mom's clothesline.


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