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Shrouded in Smoke!

We are shrouded in smoke this morning and as you wander outside you'll notice your nose crinkle at the acrid smell of something burning. 800 fires started this weekend!!! Most of them caused by lightening strikes as we had many "dry" thunderstorms this weekend. Put that together with the tinder box dryness that we are experiencing this year and you've got the perfect recipe for fires starting.

Actually this is pretty early to see this intensity of fires. Yes, our fire season does start in mid-May. But, you'll usually see the fires around August-October.

So, we just shut our windows, crank up the air conditioning and wait until the smoke is no longer settling in our area. And, we thank the Lord that we have not seen any of these fires up close! Such is life in bone dry California.

Here's an article on the fires.


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