Winter or Spring???

Right now it is 39 degrees at 3:00 pm. It is raining and at times snowing and it is cold! We have a 60% chance of snow tonight!!! Is it May 23rd or January 23rd??? Enough is enough!
I will be glad to get to California next month. It's not perfect there but it is warmer.

April 29 - 18 years ago!

Wow! Can it really be 18 years ago??? When I think back to the day, it does not seem like it! Yes, time does fly. Treasure these moments, because they will be gone in a flash of the eye!!!
Liz, you were a true blessing from God! I never expected to have number "4" and then with all that happened with your birth...I knew God wanted you here on this earth.
You are funny, pretty, talented and a true child of God. Your journey in life has just started and I know that God has a plan for you. It started the day He blessed your dad and I with you.  Love you Liz!

Philippians 1:3