Well, another birthday has passed by. I am now (as my dad said on the phone) a half century old! WOW! I really can't believe that many years have passed by so far. It seems only about half of that to me. I don't feel 50 either. When I was young I thought 50 was old. Now here I am there and I don't feel any older than I did 10 years ago. That's a good thing...right? 

The day of my birthday was a nice one. I talked to my parents for a couple of hours on the phone. Then I had a surprise delivery of flowers from them. They are so pretty and smell heavenly! I took some pictures of them, so I can always remember their beauty. I also received "Happy Birthday" notes from Sarah, Danielle & Liz! That made my day too! I really miss my family in Connecticut on days like this. I wish I could be celebrating with them. But, when I hear from them, it helps a lot to know that they are thinking of me, as I am of them. 

 Joye and Hope like steak as much as me, so we cooked out steaks for my birthday dinner. They were yummy! We had baked potatoes, salad and warm pumpernickel bread. It was a nice birthday dinner! And although we did not go out to celebrate, it was nice to celebrate it in our warm, cozy home. We even had a fire in the wood stove, which was nice while listening to the wind howl outside. 

For a birthday cake, Joye and I made a German chocolate cake. It was delicious and one of my favorites. The frosting was a pecan, coconut frosting. BUT, I forgot to take a picture of it before we ate it! Oh well! 

Anyway, it was a nice birthday and I thank the Lord for blessing me with 50 years of life so far.


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