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Yesterday, was a day of celebrations. First, we celebrated the first day of autumn and hopefully, the end of very hot summer. 

This past week we have enjoyed daytime highs in the 70's and overnight lows have been in the 40's. But, we are headed for 90's again next week. Boo!!!

And so, we have begun our decorating for Fall. These pumpkins are some of the ones that Joye grew this year. As you can see, in the first pumpkin picture, she had a very LARGE one! :)

Not only did we celebrate the beginning of Fall but we also celebrated Joye and Hope's birthday. We went out for a late lunch at our favorite restaurant, "The Iron Skillet". Delicious as always. Then, later that day we enjoyed a 4 layer Gingerbread cake with buttercream frosting. 

All in all, it was a very nice day. And, it brought to mind this quote. "I just find myself happy with the simple things. Appreciating the blessings God gave me."

Recent posts

Hello September!

Hard to believe that we are leaving summer behind already. But, welcome September! Inching ever closer to my favorite season of the year.

September days are here With summer's best of weather And, autumn's best of cheer
Helen Hunt Jackson

Petunias and Hot Summer Weather

It's been two years since I have updated my blog. I had gotten busy with my Etsy shop which took a lot of my time. Just lately, I started missing writing on my blog. So, here I am with my first post in two years! 
 I was looking back at my early summer pictures and was surprised at how much my petunias have grown. the above picture was taken in early June. 

Here it is late August and they have grown so much. They've needed a lot of water and tender loving care during our very hot summer weather (over 100 degrees most days). 

A few times, I thought they might not make it. Glad they did, as I love looking out my window at their beauty.

Pumpkin Cake Roll

It's that time of year when we start seeing all kinds of recipes using pumpkin. I admit though, I love pumpkin and could eat it no matter what time of year it was.

Daughter Joye, found a recipe for a pumpkin cake roll and treated us to this delicious dessert the other night. She stores it in the freezer and I do like the taste of it slightly frozen. 
It was so delicious that I just had to share the recipe with you.  If you decide to make it, let me know how you like it. 

Ingredients3 eggs, separated1 cup sugar, divided2/3 cup canned pumpkin3/4 cup all-purpose flour1 teaspoon baking soda1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon1/8 teaspoon saltFILLING:1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened2 tablespoons butter, softened1 cup confectioners' sugar3/4 teaspoon vanilla extractAdditional confectioners' sugar, optional
1.Line a 15-in. x 10-in. x 1-in. baking pan with waxed paper; grease the paper and set aside. In a large bowl, beat egg yolks on high speed until thick and lemon-c…

Autumn Mums

Autumn is my favorite time of year. It's time for comfy sweaters, warm drinks and pretty colors. 
And, although our weather stays warmer than most, our trees do change color and my mums bloom profusely. 

For me, mums are the perfect late season bloomer. With so many colors available, they will brighten your yard as much as the colorful changing leaves. 

I always look forward to when my mums start blooming. This red mum has been blooming every year since 2003. The color is one of my favorites. Mums being hardy and our winters saying relatively mild, mean the mums continue on year after year. 

Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful. ~Jim Carrey


In years past, as I plan what flowers I will use in my garden areas and pots, I usually choose portulaca (see pictures below from last summer) because they take very little water and thrive in hot weather. Our summers here usually top 100 degrees and with our drought we don't see much rain. 

But, this year, I chose to plant petunias instead and I am so glad I did. They have been thriving on my front deck in pots.

Yes, I have to water them every other day but they do get quite a bit of shade from our very old and large walnut tree. It is like a large umbrella shading the deck during morning and early afternoon.. 

I chose red to fill some of my pots.

Also, different shades of purple petunias grow in the other pots. 

Petunias are very low maintenance. But, if you want them to keep blooming you must remove or deadhead the old blossoms. 

I do love their showy color! I really enjoy container gardening although you do have to water these plants more. It's an easy way to dress up or add col…

Happy Independence Day!

From every mountain side
Let Freedom ring.
~Samuel F. Smith, "America"

We have the fireworks and the grill is warming up. Looks like we are ready to celebrate!

Wishing you a Happy Independence Day!